Sri Lanka, India, and Nepal Travel Guides and Blogs

Are you preparing for your trip with Novoto? Whether you’ve signed up to volunteer in South Asia or you’ve joined a group travel experience in India, Nepal, or Sri Lanka, we understand the excitement you’re feeling as you countdown the days to departure!

You’re probably looking for as much useful advice and information as possible before setting off. For practicality and peace of mind, we have put together Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka travel guides as well as blogs covering a wide range of topics.

From backpacking essentials to India travel guides and everything in between, we’ve got you covered!

We’re adding new material all the time, so check back in regularly!

Volunteer Teaching Programs In India

Volunteer Teaching Programs In India Education is the basic right for every child in India. But, unfortunately, some rural areas in the country still don’t have proper schools or teachers. Thankfully, there are plenty of

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