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Born in 2019, hailing from majestic Edinburgh, Novoto is not your typical travel startup. We're on a mission, not just to explore, but to dive deep into global movements: skill-building for the workforce, empowering women, battling climate woes, crushing poverty, and lifting up historically struggling communities.

Fast forward to 2023, and sustainability is old news. Simply not making a mess isn't cutting it anymore. We're ushering in a regenerative travel revolution! It's about visiting a place, leaving it not just as you found it but even better—for the next crew of adventure seekers.

No more snoozy tourist holidays! We dare you to ditch the beaten paths, step into the unknown, and challenge yourself. This isn't your family vacation—it's a transformative journey. Seek the kind of growth that only arises from facing challenges head-on. Unleash, revive, and rekindle the connection. Welcome to the travel evolution!

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