1. Your contract with us

Your bookings are made with NOVOTOUK Limited T/A NOVOTO (SC621180) a company registered in Scotland and the registered office address is – Student Enterprise Hub, Appleton Tower, 11 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH8 9LE. By booking a service with us, you have agreed to comply with the terms and conditions set out in the points 1-17:

Your booking will be accepted by us as per this. The services to be provided are those referred to in your booking confirmation invoice. In these Booking Conditions references to “you” and “your” include the first named person on the booking and all persons on whose behalf a booking is made or any other person to whom a booking is added or transferred. If you make a booking on behalf of other participants, you guarantee that you have the authority to accept these Terms on behalf of the other participants in your party.

2. Booking your trip and paying for it

(i) If a booking is made with us more than 60 days prior to service(s) start date, you will need to pay us a NON-REFUNDABLE LIFETIME DEPOSIT of GBP 49, EUR 59, AUD 89, CAD 89, or USD 69 per person. Of the remaining, 50% of payment will need to be paid at least 60 days prior to the service start date and the remaining 50% at least 30 days prior to the service start date.

(ii) If a booking is made with us 31-60 days prior to service start date then you will pay 50% of the payment at the time of booking and the remaining 50% at least 30 days prior to service start date.

(iii) If a booking is made within 30 days prior to service start date, full payment is required at the time of booking.

3. Prices and surcharges

(i) Prices for any unsold service(s) may vary according to demand, market conditions and availability. It might happen that other group members on the same trip have been charged different prices. It is in your best interest to book your chosen service(s) when you see a price you like. 

(ii) Once you have received a quotation from us, the price will be locked in, provided you pay the required deposit. Any reduced pricing or discounts that may become available after you have paid your deposit will not apply.

4. Taxes

(i) As a new business, we are not eligible to pay taxes and as such the costs shown in the website are inclusive of taxes subjected to tax laws in the United Kingdom.

(ii) Once we reach the threshold applicable for taxes, prices on the website will go up. You best bet is to book your service(s) in advance and lock your price when taxes are not applicable and prices are lower.

5. Your mandatory travel insurance

It is mandatory for you to have travel insurance with a minimum coverage of £200,000 in case of medical emergency which should at least cover your travel dates. We strongly recommend that the insurance of your choosing covers your against personal accident, delay and inconvenience, repatriation, trip cancellation and curtailment, personal liability and loss of personal property, activities during the trip. The details of this should be provided to us latest by the first day of your chosen service(s). Please note that insurance cover is not included in the price of any service(s) as listed on the website. It is your responsibility to disclose the details of your chosen service(s) to your insurance broker and  protect yourself with appropriate coverage.

6. Disclosing your medical requirements

We will do our best to attend to any special requirements you might have. As such, it is compulsory for you to disclose any medical conditions or physical disability that you may possess during the time of bookings. We urge you to be honest while disclosing all medical conditions and be accurate. We will maintain your records as per our privacy policy. To ensure your safety, we might request further information or professional opinions when we deem it is necessary. We reserve the right to deny your permission to travel or participate in a particular activity in case(s) where we feel there might be a health risk. Any medical attention will be provided at your expense. 

7. Your cancellation policy

(a) If you cancel or transfer your booking(s)

It is your responsibility to provide to us in writing in a case(s) you wish to cancel or transfer your booking(s). We will try our best to meet your requested changes. Since we incur costs in cancelling your trip, the following cancellations terms will apply when and if you cancel or transfer  your bookings –

(i) 60 days or more before departure – We will hold your LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE DEPOSIT and the remaining of the fees will be paid back to you. You can use this deposit for another service. 

(ii) 59-31 days before departure – We will hold your LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE DESPOT and 50% of the remaining fees.

(iii) 30 days or less before departure – We will hold 100% of the fees including LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE DEPOSIT. 

(b) If we cancel or change your booking 

Although we make arrangements for your tour months in advance, we reserve the rights to make changes or cancel your booking at any given time due to unavoidable circumstances. Changes to your booking may involve change of accommodation(s), changes to your itinerary, change of mode of transport and arrangements upto 12 hours as mentioned in your chosen booking(s) and change of departure date 14 or more days prior to the original departure. Please note that these changes will be made without you incurring any additional expenses. We will not cancel your booking(s) less than 14 days before departure unless due to unavoidable circumstances. Novoto requires a minimum of 6 travellers on each of tours for it to be viable for us to run a service. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if we fail to reach the minimum group size. In a case where we have to cancel your booking we will let you know as soon as possible. In a case we cancel your booking(s), you will have the option to transfer your booking(s) to a different travel date or tour. Novoto will pay any difference in price if your alternative travel arrangement costs lower. However, you will be required to pay any difference in price of your alternative travel plans cost higher. We are not responsible for any costs.

(c) We are not liable to pay you any compensation in case(s) you decide to cut your trip short during your travels for any reasons apart from unavoidable circumstances 

(d) It is your right to cancel or amend your booking(s) in extraordinary circumstances before or during your travels without paying any cancellation charges and you will the option to transfer your booking(s) to a different travel date or tour. Please note that your right to cancel will only apply when your country’s foreign office advice against travel to your chosen destinations due to warfare, act of terrorism, health risk and natural calamity or as per the laws of the host country. 

8. Force Majeure

We are not liable to pay you any compensation in case(s) outside our control even when all necessary steps have been taken by us to avoid it. Such cases include war, natural calamity, political and local administrative turmoil, health risk, man-made disaster, chemical or biological disaster and unavoidable operating problems outside our and our supplier’s control. 

9. Claims and complaints

Any complaint that may arise during the course of your travel should be notified to us in writing so that we can investigate the particular issue. You have the right to make such claims to your travel representatives during the tour too. Failure to do so will lead to you losing any right under this contract and us not having any obligation to investigate the matter.

10. Acknowledgement of risk

You accept the nature of your chosen service(s) and agree to the various risks, such as force majeure and health risks (during COVID-19)  that are associated with the nature of our service(s). Although we will provide you with necessary information and arrangements to make your entire experience safe and easy, it is your responsibility to acquaint yourself with important travel information. We are not liable for any such risks apart from those set out in these terms and conditions. 

11. Travel documents

It is your responsibility to carry necessary travel documents such as your valid passport, travel insurance and valid visa for the country if your passport requires one. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after you travel ends. We are not liable if you are denied entry to your destination due to failure to present any of such documents. 

12. Exclusions

The price of your chosen service(s) excluded the following – 

(i) Optional activities not part of the itinerary

(ii) Additional meals not included in the itinerary

(iii) Transport not mentioned in the itinerary. 

(iv) International flights

(v) Travel insurance

(vi)  Visa

(vii) Tips to experience providers

13. Amendment and severability

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions at any given time. You will be notified via email when such a case(s) arise(s). We recommend you to familiarise yourself with the most updated terms and conditions prior to your travels. If any provision in this terms and conditions are deemed unenforceable, it will have no impact on the validity of any other provision.

14. Privacy policy

We collect your personal information during the time of booking for us to process it. This is in accordance with European Union’s GDPR policy. But agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are allowing us to use your personal information to purpose(s) relating to your chosen service(s). Additionally we may also use your personal information such as your given address to use it for marketing purposes, solely for you.

15. Applicable law

The terms set out in the document are governed by laws of the United Kingdom. Any dispute or claim which may arise between us will be dealt by the courts of the United Kingdom.

16. Marketing materials

We assume that by participating in your chosen service, you have agreed to the fact that any images, videos featuring you may be taken during your travels which might be used by us as marketing materials. You consent that any such materials taken are not subjected to any composition payable to you. When you purchase any of your services, you will automatically be subscribed to our newsletter. You have the right to unsubscribe at any given time.

17. Validity

Services are valid until 31 December 2023.

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