Why Should You Visit Sri Lanka- Top 15 Reasons To Travel To Srilanka

Are you feeling tropical? Because we definitely are feeling some beachy vibes! Filled with glorious waves and sand, Sri Lanka is a very beautiful country. All that soulful food rich in flavor and taste, makes you feel so frikking good! There are a lot of touristy things that you can do here. But, before you change your mind, read these top 15 reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka and experience the best days of your life! 

Top 15 Reasons To Visit Sri Lanka: The Land Of Smiles

1. Get Wild</h3

It’s time to connect with the wildlife on this adventurous trip! Cherish the company of sea animals by diving deep into the ocean with scuba divers. Sri Lanka is home to a lot of blue whales. Many tourists love swimming beside them. In Kalpitiya, experience the spinner dolphins leaping about. You can also explore the wildlife sanctuaries to witness the largest concentration of leopards. Do you know that in Sri Lanka, there are 5,800 wild elephants to enrich the wilderness? Come visit this place and check it for yourself!

2. Cultural Heritage Sites

Sri Lanka is the home to 6 UNESCO-protected cultural heritage sites that you cannot skip! Explore the Rock Fortress of Sigiriya to witness the outstanding remains of the royal palace, artworks, and wall paintings of the 5th century. You can also visit the Sacred City of Kandy to reach the Temple of The Tooth. Else, the magnificent Dambulla Cave Temple will be your main reason to visit this beautiful country!

3. Delicious Food

Are you a foodie? Because Sri Lanka has one of the most soulful cuisines in the whole damn world. During your trip here, make sure to explore as many food options as you can. Right from coconut curries to various seafood options, try everything. Because trust us, you don’t want to miss out on a single item. Yes. It’s that good!

4. Cultural Diversity

In Sri Lanka, you can experience a wide cultural diversity. With the majority being Buddhist, you can meet Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and people of other religions. As 70% of the citizens are Buddhist, you can explore various Buddhist statues and temples across the country. So, if you are curious about different cultures, this is a perfect spot for you to explore!

5. Early Morning Hike

Does your heart beat for a kickass adventure? Then Sri Lanka should be your go to spot. Early morning hikes to some of the most beautiful places can make your heart smile. You can wake up early in the morning and walk past the lush green tea estates to enjoy hiking. You trek for 1.5 hours and reach Ella Rock to get breathtaking views. The trails filled with greenery and mind-blowing scenic beauty will blow your mind away! 

6. Best Accomodation

For visitors that love to stay in luxury, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer. Multiple luxury and budget rural and beach accomodation have been opened in Sri Lanka to attract international tourists. Most of these resorts come with private beaches where you can enjoy a romantic time with your partner and friends. Isn’t that just perfect!

7. Ceylon Tea

Sri Lanka is famous for Ceylon Tea, one of the best black teas in the world. Along with Keemun black tea of China and Darjeeling black tea of India, Ceylon tea is one of the most famous beverages in Sri Lanka. How about enjoying the jaw-dropping mountain views while having a nice cup of Ceylon tea? Yeah, it’s splendid! 

8. The Magnificent Beaches

No wonder that Sri Lanka is blessed with some breathtaking coastlines. Most of the coastlines are in the north, south, and west of the islands. If you love beaches, then the beauty of Trincomalee, Unawatuna, Bentota, Mirissa will stun you. These beaches will give you enough reason to visit this beauty!

9. Friendly Citizens

Having friendly citizens is a big plus when you are exploring a new place. Sri Lankan citizens are very friendly, and they welcome all the international tourists cordially. When you visit this country, you will be touched by the hospitality and greetings of the locals while exploring all the pretty places.

10. The Traditional Food

Sri Lankan food is delicious. You can taste delightful curry of mutton, fish, chicken, lentils, vegetables, and fruits. Even vegans will love to visit this country again and again as the yummy veg dishes are mouthwatering. Do you know that Sri Lanka is considered to be one of Asia’s best destinations for vegetarians? You can meet any local family to learn the secret of preparing delicious traditional curries. Isn’t that fascinating?

11. Beach Parties

Travel to the southeast of the Arugam Bay island to witness the golden sand coastline. You can hit this beach during summer to plan great beach parties. The mind-blowing environment of this beach will satisfy your migratory soul. You can also call your friends and family members to spend an unforgettable evening with the wave washing all your worries away! 

12. Easy Travel

Traveling in Sri Lanka is more accessible than in India. You get easy transactions and close flight timings. Furthermore, you find it easier to book accommodation previously from the web. The transport system in this country is also tourist-friendly. You can easily convert your money to the local currency and enjoy your trip at affordable costs. 

13. The Vision of Hell

Before exploring the Giant Buddha, make sure you visit the Wewurukannala Vihara temple. Inside this temple, you can see models of human beings boiled alive. While enjoying your Sri Lanka trip, make sure you visit this temple for the vision of hell. Experience this innovative structural work and get a new perception of life! 

14. Scenic Beauty

Whether an amateur or a professional photographer, you will find some outstanding frames in Sri Lanka. The magnificent beaches, simple city life, heritage temples, and green wildlife provide you with excellent opportunities to click superb frames with your camera. View a different world with the lens of your frikking camera!

15. Rocks

At Sigiriya Palace, you can explore abandoned ruins to climb up the top by extraordinarily narrow and steep staircases. You definitely don’t want to be missing all these spectacular places, I swear! But hang on, this is just one of the many!

We are sure that after reading all the above reasons, your next move will be to start planning your trip to Sri Lanka! We are really excited to welcome you aboard on this f**king amazing trip!

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