Volunteer Teaching Programs In India

Volunteer Teaching Programs In India

Education is the basic right for every child in India. But, unfortunately, some rural areas in the country still don’t have proper schools or teachers. Thankfully, there are plenty of educated people from around the globe who are willing to engage in

volunteer teaching in India

to impart their knowledge to these underprivileged children. In addition, there are numerous Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) involved in such educational programs where they go to rural areas and help impart basic education to children. Novoto is also trying to work for the same cause. But, what is the procedure to volunteer and how can you contribute? Find the answers here.

Basic Requirements Of Teachers To Volunteer For Teaching Jobs In The Country

If you wish to volunteer for such programs and teach underprivileged children in the country, there are a few basic requirements that you must fulfill. You must

  •     Be fluent in the English language
  •     Have incredible command in the grammatical aspects of the language
  •     Have an incredible vocabulary
  •     Be willing to work without pay

While some NGOs pay

teach for India volunteer salaries

to their volunteer teachers, others simply cannot afford to pay salaries to their volunteer teachers. So, the best you may receive is food and accommodation! In fact, sometimes, you may need to spend money from your own pockets to pay for stationery, classroom essentials, etc., necessary to run the school.

Critical Aspects To Remember When Volunteering To Teach In India

There are a few critical aspects you must contemplate before volunteering to teach in India. This will help you enjoy a smooth and memorable experience of teaching underprivileged children in rural India.


    The Schools Are Technologically Backward

When you are assigned a rural school to teach in, you may find that you have to teach in schools that do not have air conditioners, digital classrooms, computers, etc. In fact, some rural schools do not even have proper classrooms. You may have to offer your

volunteer teaching

in dilapidated buildings with broken walls or crumbling ceilings. Novoto is trying to create a change in this and rebuild schools in the economically backward areas.

On such occasions, you will have to make the best use of available resources and continue to teach the children to the best of your ability. With Novoto, You will be responsible for designing a knowledge-based model of education in government schools of Hampi, where the children get an opportunity to learn, grow, and to participate in extracurricular activities as well.


    Be Prepared To Become The Focus Of All Attention

Teaching an individual has to be one of the most influential and monumental jobs in the world. Being an educated person, you are already alien to the children. They will constantly battle themselves to grab your attention all the time. And in case you are a foreign

volunteer teaching India

, it may be even worse for you. You will be the center of attraction due to your nationality. For the kids, you will be like a foreign emissary. They might always ask you questions about your country, and you would have to answer them patiently.

Even the other teachers and staff members will constantly vie for your attention. Sometimes, this may get embarrassing for you, but you would have to find ways to deal with them. Novoto takes a step forward and makes it comfortable as you work closely with local teachers, equip them with the tools that enhance their teaching skills, and contribute to the overall development of the children.


    You Must Know More Than Simple Book Knowledge

Children in rural India often come from an extremely poor background where they do not have any educated member in the family to help them with their studies. At the same time, they are not well-equipped to read the text off their books, let alone interpret or understand them. Hence,

volunteer teaching

individuals must be aware of new methods and practices to teach children innovatively. It would be best to use anecdotes and your own interpretation of the lessons to help the children learn better.

You must also go beyond the book lessons and teach the children about things that they are likely to see and experience out there in the world. This will help them develop knowledge that will be of use to them when they grow up.


    You Need To Be Flexible And Set An Example For The Children

Once you reach the school where you are to offer

volunteer teaching in India

, you may find that there aren’t enough staff to run the school. In addition, you do not have proper resources to teach the children. There will be situations like these when you feel like you have been given more than you originally bargained for. On such occasions, you cannot simply drop everything and bolt from the place. You will also have the opportunity to create programs and activities for students which will facilitate their overall development. Novoto works alongside you to provide this opportunity. You must also set an example out of yourself for the children to follow. Show them that life is not always simple and smooth. When faced with tough situations, you need to overcome obstacles and win! As a member of

volunteer teaching in India

, your students will look up to you and follow your actions. They will learn what you teach them, and you must teach your students by example.

Volunteering to teach in India is not always about the

teach for India volunteer salary

. However, the gratification of educating underprivileged children is something you will be able to carry for life.

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