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Why Choose Us

Cultural exchange

Embark on a lifetime experience to grasp the cultural roots and traditions of your destinations, venturing much beyond the physical landmarks and famous monuments

Travel activism

You can directly engage in global movements such as women’s empowerment, poverty alleviation, skill development and supporting historically struggling communities

We lead

As a company, we are striving endlessly to become an example of how to travel and it is our vision to be at the forefront of change that can take place through travel

Take the road less travelled

While moving in a straight line in today’s world is the status quo, we encourage you to take the off route through experiences and activities which not many know about

On the ground team

Whether it is your tour leader or the project development group, our team is there to make sure that your adventures are just like the ones you had in your dream

Skilled volunteering

We believe that anyone, blessed with their own unique strengths and passion, can utilize their academic or professional skills to make a long lasting impact

When we say local, we mean local

Your transport, the accommodations you stay in, the activities you do and the restaurant you eat at, we make sure that you get the ultimate local exposure

Independent & guided times

When you are abroad, it is great to have local insights during your guided tours but it is equally important to spend time with your new crew, under your own terms

Cost transparency

We do not parade as a charity and we believe it is your right to know where the money you spend goes

Meet people

Whether it your travel gang, your volunteer team, your local support or the host family your live with, you will meet people from different walks of life

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