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Science is fascinating but it is engineering that will change our planet for good! We welcome all your engineers, students, and professionals, to showcase your innovation and bring the benefit of technology to Hampi and its people and empower them. From rural electrification to developing public sanitation and waste disposal systems, analysing and implementing renewable energy sources to building environment-friendly electric tuk-tuks. Apply your passion, knowledge, experience, or just a zeal to learn, and help our vision for a sustainable future become a reality.  

This will be topped off with authentic cultural immersion with your host family. You can also unearth Hampi’s endless hidden gems on a daily basis. If it’s the weekend then head off for an adventure. 

For this role, we invite individuals with either academic or professional experiences in STEM. School leavers who want to pursue STEM for higher education are also welcome, as you would find plenty of support to aid your learning. 

Fast Facts

Language- Kannada, Telugu, Hindi & English
Currency- Indian Rupee
(1 USD= 75 Indian Rupees)
Famous For- historical ruins, temples, tourism
Delicacies- Ragi Mudde, idli & dosa


  • A real-life opportunity to apply alternative sources of energy for rural electrification and agro-tech 
  • Integrate your education and professional experience to tackle environmental and health challenges 
  • Experience the authentic lifestyle with your host family while immersing in cultural exchange 
  • Catch a break while exploring Goa, Bangalore, Gokarna, and other weekend getaways with fellow volunteers
  • Be part of a long term project centered around rural development based on sustainable tourism while developing professionals skills 

Opportunities Available


Seize the opportunity to be a part of some really unique technical initiatives in the grassroots. Apply your technical knowledge from your education and professional experiences to implement alternative sources of energy.

Power-up Hampi

In this initiative, you have a major role to play. You will be in charge of creating technologies that generate electricity, using alternative sources of energy such as renewable motor grids, solar lighting microenterprises, biogas plants, hydropower, and any other ideas which you can bring to the table.

Agricultural Project

You will build and introduce innovative agro-tech such as grassed waterways, grade stabilization structures, flood prevention dams, terraces, animal waste, and housing facilities to support the local farmers and improve their agricultural output.

Clean Hampi

Improve Hampi’s sanitation mechanisms by implementing new ideas to improve on conventional methods. Think waste composting, biogas power generation, and reducing vehicle emissions. Help draw up new sanitation and drainage maps and design various other facilities.

Electric Autos

Build your portfolios by using appropriate engineering techniques to design, assemble, and build electric autos and their charging units.

Sustainable Development- The Continuity

The involvement in the project would not be just limited to engineering. This sets us apart from the rest. Besides doing good, we need to make sure that the community is able to stand up on their feet- prior to the completion of the programme.

Equip, not cater- Skills that last

This project is not a case of charity. It is a means to ease the communities’ efforts to become self-reliant. This would be possible, as your team will be volunteering to equip the locals with the skills in which you excel at.

New Business- Innovate

We do not believe that start-up ventures can only be for urban life. You will provide the tools to the people, in order to create newer business. Be it a grocery shop, or a service facility centre for farmers; we cover it all.

Women’s empowerment- Urgent need

No set of communities or people will achieve their true potential, unless equal opportunites are provided to all genders. We’re here to make a change, let’s not leave any stone unturned in doing so.

New Tech- Efficiency

The world we live in is dynamic, constantly changing and adhering to those changes. with our initiatives, we cannot afford to stay behind, right? Whether it’s modifying a traditional vehicle into a cleaner travelling option, or investing in agro-based technologies; let us ensure that we do our part.

Improve Sanitation- Quality of Life

Clean Hampi, and Power Hampi. These are our two major initiatives focused on improving residents’ overall quality of life by focusing on health and hygiene. Utilize your resources, and engineer a way out to accessing alternate sources of energy.

At every step, we are there to help. We provide enough support so that you can make an impact in this community.  From the host families to the project leaders, everyone is extremely experienced and would be glad to assist you in any problems you face.


24x7 Emergency Support

For any problems, we are available via our helpline number. Social media and ever-present on the ground team.

Ground team and host family

Our ground team led by a project leader along with your host family will help you in settling in your home

Efficient Monitoring

Trained Personnel to assist your in your assignments, provide constant feedback and monitor your progress.


You will be provided with both pre and on arrival orirantion to give you a detailed idea about the project and your individual roles.

Efficient Safety and Health facilities

Fully equipped with emergency kits and access to local hospitals nearby in case of any emergency


Special training and guidance to be provided so that you are equipped to change Hampi’s society for the better.

Look forward to what the day has to offer. Wake up in the ancient habitat of Hampi as you are served breakfast at 8:30. Freshen up, and get ready. By 9:30, join your fellow voluntourists for an exciting day. Get greeted by Novoto executives, as they take you to the common site for the work.

Create successful strides in- establishing an alternate energy source, creating an environment-loving traditional vehicle,  and introducing agro-based technologies.

At noon, we make a stop for lunch and refreshments. After lunch, we continue with project-specific work. Enjoy your day.

After 5 PM, the evening is kept free for a range of independent activities with fellow voluntourists. Occasionally, there shall be organised social events in the evening.

Finally, dinner is provided by the homestay. Rest and think about the fond memories created. 

At Novoto, we aim to transform the perspective of voluntourism from one of humanitarian relief to one of cultural exchange. We believe that the impact of cultural exchange is more powerful than simple humanitarian relief.


Enriching homestays

Your accommodation takes the form of verified local homestays.. Explore Hampi, live like the locals.

Learning local customs

Have lunch with the hardworking farmers, relax with kids at the banks of The Tungabhadra river, and attend the evening Aarti at Virupaksha Temple

Authentic local food

Whether it is Ragi Mudde, or dosas, make sure that you try the local flavours. You’ve got travel experience, and so does your palate.

Explore Hampi

Tourism is Hampi’s chief value proposition. The city in ruins, Tungabhadra river, Virupaksha Temple, Matanga Hill; all of these and more await you.

Engage in discussions

Wondering why we believe so much in the power of cultural exchange? Participate in meaningful discussion with both locals and fellow volunteers from around the world to broaden your horizon.

Weekend getaways

There is no dearth of weekend getaway destinations from Hampi. Travel to Gokarna for surfing, Hyderabad for its biryanis, Panaji for its beaches, or Goa to party it up.

What’s Included?


Pick-up from Bangalore airport

Airport Pick-up (up to 2 days before your trip)

Qualified project leader and community orientation


24x7 support and backup


3 meals a day

On weekends, only Breakfast is served

Accommodations with local host families


Travel Allowance for volunteer-related work


3 meals a day

Breakfasts only on weekends

Achievement Letter



Personal expenses


Weekend getaways


Meals apart from those provided by your host family


Discretionary gratuities for local help


International flights




Travel insurance


Drop off to Bangalore airport

Can be arranged on request

Are flights included in my trip?

International flights booked for arrival/ departure have not been included in our travel fee. It must be purchased separately.
However, in case of any inquiries, you can contact us.

Which flight should I take?

There are multiple international flights landing in Bangalore. We will be picking you up from the Bangalore airport.
During departure, you can catch a train to Bangalore or transportation to the airport can be arranged on request.

What do I do about the visa?

You will be required to obtain either an Indian E-Visa (you can check your eligibility here – httpss:// or apply in person at your nearest Indian Embassy prior to your travels.

What are the extra costs that I should keep in mind?

The project has been curated with the most observant prior to due diligence. Any additional expenses individuals incurred during the tour are at their own discretion, such as any shopping and souvenirs they might wish to purchase, additional meals and activities not not provided by your host family and weekend getaways.

What do I carry?

For the volunteering project of two weeks, you would be better off by a light packing. Carry comfortable footwears and light clothes. Make sure you carry the essentials- your passport, VISA, flashlights and Indian currency.
Oh also, leave some room in your suitcases. You never know what you might like to buy here!

Is tipping included?

No, tipping has not been included in your travel plan. It’s up to you to decide the amount for the same.We totally respect your discretion.

Who are my fellow volunteers?

We very much believe in privacy. Hence, we are sorry that we cannot reveal their names. However, we have a wide range of travellers from all over the world who you will meet on your first day.

How do I contact, in case of an emergency?

No need to worry! We have our on-ground team for your assistance. Besides that, you can get in touch with us through our social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also call us directly on our helpline.

Can I join a trip late, or extend my stay?

As much as we would LOVE you to join us, it will be difficult for us to accommodate you in an already on-going trip.
Good news? You are more than welcome to extend your stay, but the expenses for the same have to be taken by you.

Does Novoto provide me a travel insurance?

Unfortunately, no. We leave that to your discretion to book travel insurance of your choice.

Will there be any showcase?

Definitely! Your entire experience would be well-documented in the form of videos, and also in other means as approved by the group.

What’s the weather like?

April to September is summer in Hampi where temperatures are generally pleasant around 40 C. From October onwards the temperatures start going down averaging around 25 C during the day.

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