Where Does Your Money Go? | Novoto

Where Does Your Money Go?

Cost Transparency for Complete Peace of Mind

When you commit to a group travel package overseas or a volunteering program abroad, you rightfully deserve to know what you are spending your money on.

At Novoto, we are committed to complete transparency. Whether you’re joining us for group travel in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, or you want to make a difference with our South Asia volunteering program, we don’t want you to have any doubts about where we are spending your money.

If you’d like to talk over our cost breakdown in more detail, or to discuss any of the opportunities for adventure we provide, please feel free to book a call with a member of the Novoto team.

Projected Cost Breakdown for both Travel & Volunteering: 2022/2023

*Please note, as we are a new company, the figures outlined below are estimates. We will update our numbers as and when they change.*



Marketing and promotions, school & university campaigns, marketing materials and digital marketing


Service Planning

Site visits and quality control, community training, risk assessments, project and development reporting, project & tour leaders and staff training, technology, research & development and partnerships


Staffing & Operations

Permits, premises and resources, wages, ground help, hire & training, equipment and stationary, tech support, database management and communications system


Volunteer/Traveller Related Cost

Transport, food, activities and experiences, accommodation, project expenses, training materials, emergency support, briefings and workshops


Project Development Cost

Project fund for sustainable development through initiatives both under travel and volunteering. MORE INFO SOON!

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