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Our Story

Novoto is the brainchild of Aniket, an economics graduate, and was brought to life in 2019 as an activism-based travel company, committed to promote cultural exchange and create a sustainable Ecosystem for host communities dependant on tourism. Having been brought up in the busy streets of Kolkata, India, the abject poverty prevailing in India is something that has always been a huge concern for Aniket. While completing his undergraduate studies in Edinburgh, he got the opportunity to backpack around Europe and get acquainted with the different cultures across the continent. It was then that he realised how responsible travel and ethical volunteering can bring about a positive change on a larger scale. Couple of months of extensive research and ground-level work led to Novoto being born with a debut tour of India in November, 2019. The multiple trips and projects that were scheduled already took a major hit due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. However, we feel that this pandemic has indeed taught us a lesson and travelling responsibly will become more important than ever. We, at Novoto, believe that it is imperative to endorse responsible travel and ethical volunteering abroad when we finally sail through to the other side of the pandemic.

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