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Key Definitions

Sustainable Tourism

An overall holistic approach taken in galvanizing local culture, environment, and traditions into a conventional element within a tourism community. It requires the cooperation between tourism outfits, local communities, NGOs, and governments who come together to formulate and execute plans to improve all key stakeholders by sharing profits fairly, alleviating poverty, creating jobs, and working towards other social indicators.

How Novoto is doing it

As an activism based travel start-up, we are striving to work closely with our suppliers and forming synergies with governments, academic institutions and businesses to engage in global movements such as skill development of the workforce, women’s empowerment, poverty alleviation and supporting historically struggling communities.

Responsible Travel

The individual actions or measures taken to ensure sustainability on a particular journey. It includes being socially aware of your destination, understanding the effect you have on a location, and sincere attempts to minimise environmental damage and a generous instinct to give back to the local community.

How Novoto is doing it

Street food in Mumbai. Homestay in Nepal. Fishing in Sri Lanka. Our trips are curated so that you get to see the best bits, experience what’s local, and have the time of your life, all while giving back and most importantly, learning from it. We believe small steps can go a long way to create a brighter future for all!


An amalgamation of tourism and volunteering practices. It involves venturing overseas to volunteer in a foreign community. Not to be associated with ‘humanitarian help’ practices, but is to be seen as a unique experience – witnessing new places while creating a positive impact at the same time through skill development.

How Novoto is doing it

Experience volunteering abroad with a blend of professional development and cultural immersion. Our projects give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge to make a sustainable impact and further your overall development while uncovering a new culture in a new country.

Responsible Volunteering

A bridge between the gap of volunteering and professional work. The application of skills, directed towards bettering the integrated and targeted local communities in their daily functions with a sustainable goal. This execution allows you to make a societal difference while sharpening your core competencies, without making a spectacle out of poverty.

How Novoto is including it

At Novoto, we want to revolutionise voluntourism from a perspective of humanitarian relief to one of cultural exchange, which we believe to be more powerful than the latter. With a sustainable project plan, execution of skills, empowering the idea of charity, and immersive cultural exposure, we will change the face of volunteering abroad.

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