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Who are Our Travel and Volunteering Opportunities for?

At Novoto, we recognise that our group travel packages in South Asia are far from ordinary. As a leader in the regenerative travel revolution, we truly want you to have an unforgettable, life-changing experience. But we believe the best way to achieve this is by giving back to the places you visit, not just taking from them.

The same is true for our South Asia volunteering opportunities. We’re not here for photo opportunities and saviour complexes. We work hard to create genuine, lasting change in places that truly need it.

We want you to feel 100% confident when starting your journey with Novoto. This is why we’ve provided more information below about the kind of profiles we believe are the perfect match for what we offer.

For more personalised information, please feel free to book a call with a member of the Novoto team.

The People who Thrive with Novoto

Young professionals

Too busy in your daily life? Need a change of scene? Well, we would love to have you on board!

Go on an adventure for a much-needed break, improve your range of professional skills, or re-discover where your true passion lies.

With us, you can witness and feel experiences that your regular job simply can’t offer.

Novoto is sure to give you a fresh perspective on life and help in your overall career development.

Fresh graduates

Congratulations on your graduation! The last three to four years have been gruelling. And at the end of it all, you may not even know what direction to take.

Don’t worry! Novoto can help with this huge transition. Travel is the best teacher you can have.

Set off for an adventure of a lifetime, develop professionally, or, better yet, do both! Our experiences and programs are an exciting, rewarding way for you to discover what’s best for you.

Backpacking Tours

Lace up your shoes, put on your backpack, book your tickets, and just go on that mind-blowing backpacking tour.

Here’s the idea: you take the first tentative steps on a journey. You visit popular tourist attractions. Your growing curiosity compels you to sink your teeth into local cultures, broadening your understanding of how other people live.

You break free from the mundane. You create memories that last forever.

Our backpacking group trips allow you to fall in love with incredible places you haven’t found the time to visit yet.

Take a few more steps to open the doors to an awesome adventure by learning more about our backpacking tours in South Asia.

Career Break

We get it. Working in stringent shifts for years tends to become monotonous.

Thinking of taking a break? Looking for new opportunities? Join us in our diverse expeditions.

Help to create a real difference in people’s lives through our travel and volunteering projects.

A career break with Novoto provides you with insightful encounters, meaningful adventures, and new skills for the future.

Gap Year

Now that you have decided to take a gap year, what would you like to do? Travel? Volunteer? Improve your personal skills for future career opportunities?

With Novoto, you can do them all. Explore new destinations. Create sustainable changes. Empower communities. Harness your potential. Immerse yourself in new cultures.

There is no better way to spend your gap year than with us. We do everything to make this the most memorable year of your life!

Discover more about incredible gap year travel in South Asia with Novoto.

School leavers

Congratulations on passing your school exams! We understand that it might get a bit overwhelming for you to decide on what’s next.

But no worries! It’s time for you to get out there and experience what the world has to offer.

Adventure. New friends. Professional experience in your desired field. We are here to provide you with all the opportunities to help you take the next important step in your life!

Solo Travel

Travel solo, but not alone.

Meet enthusiastic fellow travellers and volunteers from around the world. Create a strong bond with them as you embark on discovering new cultures, or as you collaborate while volunteering.

Our experiences are curated to give you genuine independence, but all while making sure you don’t miss out on meeting people while you’re on the road


Travelling with your partner is one of the most intimate, fulfilling experiences in the world.

Novoto’s opportunities give you plenty of time to yourselves while providing space to meet other travellers from different countries.

We love helping couples create unforgettable memories — snapshots in time that are truly worth reminiscing about in years to come.

Whether you want to travel to a new destination or participate in our volunteer projects, both you and your partner will have a life-changing experience!

Friends Group

With busy personal and professional lives to juggle, making travel plans with friends may seem like a distant reality.

Think again! At Novoto, we take care of all the arrangements for you.

We provide you with affordable prices, group-friendly trips, new experiences, and the company of your closest friends.

Let us make cancelled travel arrangements a thing of the past!

Are you ready to take the first step on a Novoto adventure? Book a call to find out more about our group travel packages and volunteering programs in South Asia.

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