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It’s time to say f**k it! And make some pretty life-changing choices. Stop making Covid an excuse to delay all your traveling plans to India. There are a lot of escorted tours of India that will guide you to make the most of your adventure. What we mean is- c’mon just have a look at this country! All these freaking cultures, languages, landscapes, and whatnot! Have you even begun to see their ancient art? Well, mate. You definitely are missing out a lot. Right from its rich valleys to its flavorful cuisine, India is something you must experience at least once in your lifetime. So, stop making any more excuses and come visit this beautiful country. And ask yourself this one question; If not now? When?

Fast Facts

Know at least one of these languages to communicate in India- Hindi, English

Make sure you carry the Indian currency, also known as Indian Rupee.

Apply for a visa at least 4 days before your flight. Check your Visa Eligibility here.

Do not disrespect any religious or cultural occurrence or monuments while in India.

Must purchase a Sim Card during your travel to be in touch with your people.

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