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The future of Hampi is bitterly contested between the locals and the local authority. In the name of UN buffer zones, the local authority, Hampi World Heritage Area Management Authority (HWHAMA), under direction of a powerful lobby of luxury hoteliers, have demolished hundreds of locally owned properties over the last decade;  a blatant violation of human rights. Existing business are already at risk.

The Hampi Master Plan which was created by HWHAMA, rides roughshod over the wellbeing and self determination of the local community, which has been living there since the age of the Vijayanagara Empire.  Our project is aimed at creating a long term plan for this community, which will secure the rights of the locals, provide them with a sustainable livelihood from the local tourism industry,empower them and make their community self sustainable. We plan to create tourism businesses and address human development issues such as improving healthcare and education.


We have partnered with the local NGO, The Kishkinda Trust and the village governing body, Gram Panchayat. With this multiple stakeholder approach, our plan is to create a sustainable long term plan with the goal of increasing the tourist traffic to Hampi, providing the locals with a thriving tourism industry to rely on. The mechanism we use to achieve this goal is responsible skill based volunteering. And you are our agent for this transformation.



One of the most important pillars for long term planning. Volunteers will be responsible for assisting the project leader to create a long-term rural development plan based on sustainable tourism. They will form part of the collective initiative led by multiple stakeholders including Novoto, Kishkinda Trust and the Gram Panchayat and will investigate the development of opportunities for the overall community.


Infrastructure being the most important success factor for a tourist destination, accommodation providers have a lot to gain from the initiative. With plenty of existing locally owned houses in Hampi, there is a huge potential for those to be converted into facilities such as homestays, shacks, cafes and other similar facilities. Volunteers will be responsible for redesigning existing facilities as per the requests of the hosts and the overall direction of the stakeholders and the overall community.


Volunteers will be responsible for creating a new sanitation map for the village of Anegundi, drafting plans for renewable energy, agricultural technology, waste disposal methods and lighting of local streets and monuments.


Volunteers will be responsible for working alongside school teachers at government schools with the goal of equipping them with better teaching and monitoring techniques and policies, in addition to assisting them with their daily work.


With Hampi posing a huge potential for  tourism, there exists a need for creation of  grassroots level micro-enterprise. As such volunteers will be responsible for providing entrepreneurship and skill developments lessons, identification of micro enterprise opportunities and creating implementation plan.


There is an existing initiative lead by Kishkinda Trust and the Gram Panchayat to create a local creative art scene. Volunteers will be responsible for providing art lessons to local women and children, in addition to collaborating with architects in the design of  various facilities.


The ultimate goal of the project is  to increase the tourist traffic to Hampi. Volunteers will be responsible for setting up  a marketing strategy and implementing it, making use of social media marketing, content marketing, as well as video marketing showcasing Hampi’s beauty.


With tourism being the most important industry for a sustainable source of livelihood, volunteer will be responsible for creating a long term plan based on sustainable tourism. Additionally, they will also be responsible for training in hospitality skills.


Technology is at the center of growth in today’s world. It is necessary that everyone has basic computer literacy skills. This role will involve volunteers providing computer and IT lessons to the locals, equipping them with the skills to navigate the world of information.


None of the above suit you? We are more than happy to hear what you think about how you can contribute during your volunteering experience. With a community as vast and diverse like that of Hampi’s, there is plenty of room of various skill sets and passion.

Please note that this volunteering opportunity is not a work placement. It is an chance to immerse yourself in a cultural experience, to take advantage of  the chance to capitalize on your skills and passion and make a lasting impact as you help to empower individuals and the community. You will have the opportunity to set your own goals and the guidance to achieve them while you have a immersive experience.


You will usually begin your day around 8am with a breakfast provided by your host family. After this you will leave for a team meeting with your fellow volunteers and project leader and draw up your plan of action for the day.

You will then proceed to your work location; either the site of the working space where you will work on your specific assignment until you break for lunch at 12pm. You will have the option of either coming back to your accommodation or having  your lunch delivered to the working space.

Your lunch break will usually finish at 1:30pm, after which you will head back to work, to finish that day’s task and wrap it up by 5pm.

The evening is your time to spend on a range of activities with your fellow volunteers. Dinner will be provided by your host family as per your requirements, but we recommend you eat before 9:30 pm. Occasionally you will have organised social events in the evening.  

If it is Friday, then it’s time for a new adventure as you set off for your weekend getaways with your fellow volunteers.


🛫Pre-departure information, personal goal setting and information by project leader

🚗Transfer to project from Bangalore Airport

👨Project bootcamp and community orientation

💼Qualied Project Leader and volunteer coordinator

📞24x7 support and backup

🍲3 meals per day excluding weekend getaways

🏖️Weekend getaway

👪Accomodation with local host families

💷Travel allowance for volunteer related work.

📅Organised social events.

💼Access to working space and necessary equipment

📜Achievement letter.


Although your meals, travel and accommodation are paid for, we recommend you allocate a weekly budget of £75 for your weekend getaways and in case you plan to eat out, drink or do some other activities. Also not included:

🛫Any International flights

🙍Tourist Visa

🏥Travel insurance

💷Personal Expenses

 🍲Meals apart from those not provided by your host family.

💸Discretionary gratuities for local help.

🚗Transfer to airport (Will be arranged on request)


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