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Planning the trip of a lifetime? No region on Earth offers more diversity and beauty of South Asia! From the snow capped mountains of Nepal to the tropical beaches of Sri Lanka and architectural wonders of India, a positively colossal adventure awaits you. 

By choosing one of Novoto’s exciting group tours you can be guaranteed of a travel experience like you’ve never had before. We are inspired by the same passion for travel and exploration as all our guests. 

Novoto works tirelessly to ensure that each of our travel experiences offers endless excitement, opportunities for personal growth and development, and a significant contribution to the good of local communities. 

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your professional development, need to re-discover that wild spirit within you, or simply want to uncover a different side of life while giving back and meeting new people – it’s time to begin planning your journey! 

Change begins with an adventure…

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Who Are Novoto?

Founded in 2019 as an activism-based travel company, Novoto is dedicated to creating positive change through travel. At Novoto, we love travel and believe that there are few things in life more rewarding than packing a bag and heading out into the great unknown.

Without adventure, travel becomes mundane. Lacking local knowledge, travel can feel overwhelming. When travel isn’t benefitting local communities, it’s often negatively impacting them. Aware of this, Novoto set out to craft guided tours of South Asia that satisfy the wanderlust of our guests, provide a truly authentic local experience, and, most importantly, bring about positive change. 

At Novoto, we aren’t just satisfied with sustainable travel, we’re invested in regenerative travel. Through immersive cultural exchanges we want to empower every single person involved in our tours.

We see it first hand: travel is changing. Increasingly conscientious travellers want to know that their journeys are socially-conscious and and as responsible as can be. At Novoto, we work strategically to ensure we make a tangible difference for our host communities.

Adventuresome readers, continue scrolling to learn all about our group tours in South Asia!

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Novoto’s Tours

Colors of North India

Our 30-day Colours of North India adventure is a harmonious blend of backpacking, volunteering, sightseeing, and interactive experiences that will leave you with skills and memories for life.

Meet new people and encounter places quite unlike anywhere else as we journey from New Delhi, in the north of the country, to Goa in the south. 

Highlights of this popular tour option include exploring Old Delhi, a guided tour of the Taj Mahal, homestays with welcoming local people, tracking Bengal tigers in Ranthambore, and swimming in the waters of the Arabian Sea in Goa. 

This celebration of all things Indian is ideal for youthful travellers looking to undertake something truly epic  – affordable, safe, diverse, and a great way to create lasting new connections.

More to Nepal

From folk dances and idyllic village settings to mountain treks and breathtaking wildlife, Novoto’s More to Nepal tour is a 14-day carnival of Napalese culture. 

Connect with your spiritual side as you roam across the homeland of the Buddha. Along the way you’ll experience the beauty of iconic destinations such as Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath in Kathmandu, and the bazaars in Pokhara’s old town. In Chitwan you’ll get to go in search of the regions fascinating wild animals, including rhinos and elephants. 

But with Novoto, it’s always about more than seeing the sights. This tour features an Impact Event where you’ll get to discuss all the ways your travels have made a difference for host communities. 

South India

Prepare yourself for a festival of colours, breathtaking landscapes, and unforgettable towns and cities! Our guided tour of South India takes in all the qualities that make India such a popular bucket list destination: historic temples such as Meenalakshmi, vibrant cities like Pondicherrys, which sits on the Bay of Bengal, and some of the most amazing food you’ll ever taste. 

With your expert guides, you’ll get to enjoy a food tour in Madurai and even try your hand at some Indian cooking of your own. Away from the cities, you’ll undertake a jungle trek and bamboo rafting in Thekkady. 

And you’ll also dive deep into the local culture of the places you visit, meeting local artisans and food producers and getting to watch Keralite folk dances and mixed martial arts displays.

Encounter a truly unique world on our South India adventure – you’ll create memories to last a lifetime.

Sri Lanka Uncovered

Sri Lanka…Pearl of the Indian Ocean. A magnificent island destination that offers a range of experiences you cannot find anywhere else. On our Sri Lanka Uncovered tour, you’ll get an insider’s look at the electrifying culture of Sri Lanka and explore its endless natural treasures.

From beautiful hillside scenery to pristine beaches and mammoth historical monuments, this trip is an excellent choice for culture vultures and outdoor enthusiasts alike!

Following our mantra of empowering everyone involved in our tours, you’ll also get to help with local projects and make meaningful connections with locals. For example, on this tour you can volunteer within a Buddhist monastery and you can have the rewarding experience of learning to cook with a Sri Lankan family. 

Why settle for a journey anything less than extraordinary? Uncover Sri Lanka!

Are you a curious traveller? Stay in touch and we’ll share all our travel tips and local insights!

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